What kinds of dispute may be filed with IAC?

Disputes of the following nature may be filed with IAC:

a) the union and employer may jointly submit a dispute on any matter e.g. any terms and conditions of employment arising out of the operation of the CA or outside the CA

b) either union or employer may alone refer any of the following for arbitration :

  • Dispute over annual wage adjustments, AWS, or bonus (under Section 50 (1) of the Employment Act)
  • Dispute over transfer of employment
  • Dispute on retrenchment benefit payable to executive or breach of his contract of employment
  • Continuation of a CA or award
  • Interpretation of a CA or award
  • Setting aside or varying any of the terms of a CA or award
  • Non-compliance with a CA or award or contravention of any provision of the IR Act
  • Appeal against the Referee’s decision where the dispute was first heard by a Referee
Last updated: 04 March 2018