The CA must comply with:

The Industrial Relations Act and other labour legislation
  • Employment Act
  • Child Development Co-Savings Act
  • Retirement and Re-Employment Act
  • Work Injury Compensation Act, etc.

Legal requirements

  • The names of employer and union, date on which CA was made, title of CA and categories of employees covered by the CA must be stated clearly.
  • Duration of the CA must be a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 3 years 
  • Provision for the settlement of disputes between the parties while the CA is in force, arising out of the operation of the CA. This should include referral of any disputes to a Referee appointed under the Industrial Relations Act. The CA should state how the Referee is to be selected e.g. by the parties, or by IAC. 
  • At least one representative each from the employer and the union must sign on the last page of the body of the CA against their respective names and designations. 
  • At least one signatory each from the employer and the union should also sign on every page of the CA, including the Appendices.
  • The CA should be signed in the presence of witnesses, at least one nominated by each party, who should also sign the CA.
IAC's administrative requirements
  •  The CA should be complete, with no missing pages, and no gaps or repetitions in the numbering of clauses, sub-clauses, appendices, etc. The title of the CA should carry the year in which the CA is signed e.g. XXX Employees' Agreement of 20XX.
  • Approved Softcopy of Collective Agreement (ASCA) of the existing CA must be used as the basis for preparing the next CA.
  • A hardcopy of the CA must be printed single-sided for signing by the employer and union representatives.

Additional information that may be included

The employer and the union may include in the CA other information and any terms and conditions of employment as agreed between them. As a guide, a CA will usually incorporate:

  • general terms of employment such as:
    • working hours
    • rates for working overtime and on rest days
    • terms relating to termination of employment including:
      • resignation
      • retirement and retrenchment
      • salary and bonuses
      • annual leave, sick leave and maternity leave; and
      • medical benefits and insurance.