To maintain industrial peace through the certification of collective agreements (CAs), regulation of industrial practices and arbitration of industrial disputes.

Functions of IAC

The functions of the Court are registration and certification of collective agreements (CAs), resolution of industrial disputes through the making of a Court award or Referee decision, interpretation of awards, setting aside or variations of awards or CAs, enforcement of awards, mediation and providing advisory services on matters pertaining to industrial relations.

Composition of IAC

The IAC is presided over by the President or Deputy President, who are appointed by the President of Singapore on the advice of the Prime Minister. The IAC President is not deemed to be a public servant, but has the same rights, privileges, protection and immunity as a Judge of the Supreme Court. The Deputy President has the same protection and immunity as the President.

To hear an industrial dispute, a Court is constituted comprising the President and a member each from the employee and employer panels. The members are nominated by the 2 parties to the dispute, viz the union and the employer. The 2 panels of the Court are appointed by the Minister for Manpower, on the recommendation of the Singapore National Employers’ Federation and the National Trades Union Congress. The employer panel also includes 3 persons nominated by the Minister charged with the responsibility for human resource management in the Civil Service to represent the government as an employer. The panel members are appointed for a 2-years term and are eligible for re-appointment.

For the majority of dispute hearings, the Court is constituted by the President and the 2 panel members. In certain cases, however, the President alone may determine the dispute eg continuation and interpretation of awards. He may also certify collective agreements.

The President may appoint a Referee to hear a dispute between parties to a CA arising out of the operation of the CA, while the CA is in force. Referees are appointed by the Minister for Manpower for a term of 2 years.

The IAC is supported by a Registrar and other officers,all of whom are public servants.



Last updated: 22 March 2018

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