Submit Signed Collective Agreement (CA)

Once your CA has been approved by IAC, you may proceed to sign it. The signed copy needs to be submitted to IAC for certification.

  1. Print the CA that has been vetted by IAC and ensure that:
    • each page is printed single-sided and is numbered.
    • it is signed as follows:
      • The representatives of the employer and the union should sign against their respective names and designations on the last page of the body of the CA.
      • At least one signatory each from the employer and the union should also sign on every page of the CA, including the appendices.
      • The CA should also carry the signature of at least one witness from each party.
    • the original signed copy is delivered by hand or by post within one week of its signing to the Registrar, IAC.  
  2. Submit a completed copy of the CA questionnaire – there is one questionnaire for employers whose CAs are with SOS or SMOU, and another questionnaire for all other employers.
  3. Pay a filing fee of $20. The modes of payment available will be advised to you by the Registry Officer at the point of payment.

Certification of Collective Agreement (CA)

Last updated: 29 March 2018