Where the President of IAC has selected a Referee to hear a dispute filed with IAC, the parties will be informed accordingly. A date for the hearing will be fixed. The hearing is normally restricted to union members and representatives of the employer and is not open to the public.

The procedure for a Referee hearing is as follows:

  • The parties should set out in writing the issues involved and an outline of the arguments in support of their case. They should also prepare copies of correspondence and other documents to support the case. The parties should bring 3 copies of the statement of issues, summary of arguments and supporting documents to the IAC on a date to be fixed by the Registrar of IAC. Two copies will be filed with the Registrar, while the other copy will be exchanged with the other party.
  • At the hearing, the parties will take turns to present their full arguments in detail to the Referee. The Referee may ask the parties for clarifications and for further information wherever necessary.
  • The Referee will give his decision orally or in writing within 3 weeks after the date of the hearing. The decision of the Referee shall have effect as if it were a term of the CA.