Constitution of Court

The President of IAC alone will hear and determine disputes relating to:

  • Continuation of a CA or award
  • Interpretation of a CA or award
  • Setting aside or varying any of the terms of a CA or award
  • Non-compliance with a CA or award or contravention of any provision of the IR Act
  • Decision of the Referee where the dispute was first heard by a Referee
  • Dismissal of employee allegedly due to industrial action

The Court, comprising the President of IAC and a member each from the Employer Panel and Employee Panel selected by the employer and union respectively, will hear and determine disputes relating to:

  • Any terms and conditions of employment
  • Annual Wage adjustments, AWS or bonus
  • Transfer of employment
  • Retrenchment benefit payable to executive or breach of his contract of employment

The Employer Panel and the Employee Panel are established under the IR Act. The members of the Panels are appointed by the Minister for Manpower, based on recommendations from the Singapore National Employers' Federation and the National Trades Union Congress.