Submitting Draft Application

The parties should prepare the draft application for variation using the prescribed form, in softcopy. All the sections in the form should be completed. The application should set out clearly the changes to be made to the respective clauses, schedules or appendices in the CA and the reasons for the change(s).

A draft affidavit should also be prepared, in softcopy, where the CA has been in force for less than 18 months. All the sections in the affidavit should be completed. Brief particulars of the CA should be stated; also, the original clauses, schedules and appendices, the revised clauses, schedules and appendices and the reasons for the change(s).

You may wish to refer to a sample of a completed application form and affidavit in the section "Application Forms" under "Resources".

The draft application and affidavit (where applicable) should be sent via email to for clearance before the documents are signed by the parties.