Where the parties have an existing CA and are drafting their next CA, they should make the changes to any of the terms and conditions of employment on IAC's ASCA of the existing CA before printing out the new CA for signing by the employer and union representatives. Each page of the CA should be printed single-sided. The ASCA must be used as it meets IAC's required format for gazetting purposes, incorporates all past amendments made to past editions of the CA, and allows instant detection of any new changes made. The amended ASCA should be emailed to IAC's generic account at least 2 days before lodgement of the new CA.

Where the parties are drafting their first CA, they should ensure that the CA meets the following requirements and format:


English (British and not United States).

Page Layout

  Paper size:   A4        
  Top margin:   3 cm   Bottom margin:   3 cm
  Right margin:   3 cm   Left margin:   3.5 cm
  Header:   1 cm   Footer:   1.5 cm
  Font / Font size:   Arial 12        
  Spacing:   One and a half spacing
  Page Numbering:   Pages to be numbered 'Page __ of __'
  Printing:   Single-sided        


Clause / Paragraph Style

For Main Clause, use numerals i.e. 1,2,3 etc.


For Sub-clause, use numerals in brackets i.e. (1),(2),(3) etc.
Eg: (1) A shift allowance shall be paid depending on the duty roster as follows: ...
      (2) Transport allowance will be paid ...

For Paragraph, use letters in brackets i.e. (a),(b),(c) etc.
Eg: (a) 1st shift - nil
      (b) 2nd shift - ...

For Sub-paragraph, use Roman numerals in brackets i.e. (i),(ii) etc.
Eg: (i) Ending between 2200 and 2400 hours - S$6.00
      (ii) Ending between 2400 and 0800 hours - S$8.00


Using ASCA