Certification of the CA

A CA which meets IAC's requirements will be certified by the President or Deputy President of the Court. The parties will be informed once the CA is certified. They will receive via email:

  • A copy of the certificate in PDF format;
  • An approved softcopy of the certified CA (ASCA), incorporating any amendments made to the CA by the signatories. The parties are advised to print a copy of the CA and check it against their own copy of the CA. The ASCA should be used to prepare the next CA upon expiry of the current CA.

The original printed signed CA lodged with IAC will be kept by IAC. It will be the final authority should there be a discrepancy between this copy of the CA, the ASCA and any other copy of the CA which the parties may have.

A copy of the certified CA will be published in the Government Gazette, Industrial Relations Supplement, usually 3 to 4 months after the date of certification.