Amending the CA

The CA may be amended by adding, deleting or replacing numbers, words or phrases in clauses or schedules, or entire clauses or schedules where necessary. The IAC will return the affected pages of the CA to the parties for amendment.

At least one of the signatories each from the employer and the union must sign against any amendments made in the returned pages of the CA. Where the changes are made on a separate slip of paper, it must be attached at the side of the original page and the signatories should sign in 2 places - next to the original phrases, clauses, schedules which have been deleted, and on the slip of paper with the new phrases, clauses, schedules.

If there are many changes made on a page or pages, the parties may replace the affected page(s) with the amended page(s), which should be signed by the signatories on each page. If the original page is returned to IAC, the parties should strike through that page(s) and sign against the line striking through the page(s). Where there are extensive changes to the CA, the parties should also send the amended softcopy of the CA to IAC.

The amended pages, together with the original pages where applicable, should be returned to IAC by hand as soon as possible, to avoid delay in certification of the CA.


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